Newnham Paddox History

In 1745 The Fifth Earl of Denbigh and his Countess borrowed Capability Brown from their close friend Lord Cobham, at Stowe, to carry out work at Newnham Paddox. The Fifth Earl's "Building Book" (still owned by Alexander and Suzy) details "the alteration of the great canal, and carrying it on to the head of the pond in the park, by a plan and the direction of Mr Brown." Work continued until the Denbighs ran short of money in 1753. An aunt of the succeeding Sixth Earl lent $2,000 to complete it.

For a romantic landscape at Newnham Paddox, Capability Brown created a naturalistic garden, not over contrived, and of interest all year round. Succeding generations of Denbighs have maintained this landscape, work that Alexander and Suzy will continue with the sculpture garden project. The Top and Bottom Lakes on which Newnham Art Park centers are the remaining two thirds of a serpentine lake created by Capability Brown, who also planted the "hanging slopes"along the lakeside